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Build smarter resilience

by empowering people with security culture, strategy and awareness to shield your business from cyber attacks.



Our Purpose

Kinsek enables organisations to create healthy security culture, build effective strategies and navigate the complexity of the cyber world. We believe in accessible and adaptive security, deliberately crafted to fit your organisation's unique requirements.


We are laser-focused on security and work to help organisations understand their strengths, empower their people, protect their sensitive data and achieve compliance.

Smarter Resilience

The name Kinsek has meaning: people coming together to protect each other and what matters to them. Our ethos is one of building smarter resilience:


Empower and invest in people first - they will become your most effective defence.

Always be proactive and understand your risk.

Effective strategy, purposefully designed and thoughtfully communicated will unlock decision making, coordination and the ability to measure success.

No matter how large the walls, there is always a way in. Be prepared for this eventuality.

Don't overburden. Resources and time are limited - aim for the largest impact with focus and efficiency.

About Us
What We Offer

How  We Help

Security Solutions


Security Culture, Awareness & Training

In a cyber landscape dominated by human error, prioritise where others overlook and take control of your human risk. Tailored culture and awareness programs go beyond ticking boxes – they motivate, engage, and persist, unlocking your most valuable security asset. Kinsek works with you to fill in the gaps and create truly game changing programs that foster security culture and drive behavioural change.


Advisory Services

Expert security advice and guidance whenever you need it. Kinsek's Security Advisory Services are designed to provide ongoing support to organisations of any size and industry, assisting them to bridge gaps and move with purpose. We offer personalised guidance to help you make informed decisions and implement effective security measures.


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Build trust, manage risk and achieve business objectives. Forge a resilient security foundation for your organisation with our Governance, Risk, and Compliance services. Kinsek can help you select and implement versatile frameworks suitable for your organisation and unique environment. ASD Essential 8, ISO27001, NIST and beyond – achieve compliance and maximise your security investments.


Security Assessments

Comprehensive security assessments provide you with visibility into where you currently stand and where to go next. Kinsek's security assessment services can help you prepare for audits, understand your risk, glean maturity levels and measure readiness. Our simulation offerings allow you practice what you have in place such as table top exercises that help your leadership team prepare to weather any storm.

Why Us
“Kinsek help us plug gaps in our knowledge and give us incredibly valuable insight and business direction regarding security culture, technologies and strategy. One key game changer for us was Kinsek’s help building out our security culture and awareness program."

Kirk, Chief Technology Officer



Our Address

Level 3, 31 Alfred Street, 

Sydney, NSW 2000

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